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We are skilled installers of all types of agricultural and equestrian fencing and gates. We only use timber posts specially sourced for their resistance to rot. Our fences are strong, built to last, and are effective barriers to contain your animals.

Monteith Fencing has installed over 29 kilometres of agricultural and equestrian fencing to date.

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Post and Rail

Barbed and Plain Wire

Stock Netting (Ryelock)

Post and Rail

For the horse owner, post and rail fencing is the most practical answer to the problem of horse containment. With post and wire alternatives there is always a risk of entanglement and injury should your horse stamp between the wires, while electric fencing is both high maintenance and rendered useless if the power fails. For valuable and cherished animals, post and rail can be relied upon year after year.

Monteith fencing offers many variations of post and rail that can be chosen to suit yours and your four legged friends' requirements. Concreted, tamped-backfill or driven posts; square cut posts or round stakes; two, three, or four bars high; square or half round rails; softwood or sweet chestnut. Many horse owners already know what design of post-and-rail fencing they require for the size and temperament of their horse, but if you are not sure, we can advise you on the various designs on consultation.

We use pressure treated square cut timber posts that are UC4 (use class 4) with a 15 year service life. We can also offer the option of longer life SS4 (Sector Scheme 4 - Highways Specification) treated posts with a 30 year lifespan.

We have installed over 1700 metres of post and rail to date.